Easy Crispy Chicken Taquitos recipe or Rolled Chicken Tacos | @bestreicpebox

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Our first recipe for crispy tacos was in 2011 and we were hooked. For those times when we’re craving crunchy tacos or taquitos, we make sure we have extra roast chicken on hand for a big batch. On Christmas day we rolled up a huge platter of these chicken taquitos, served them up with some fresh salsa and everyone was thrilled to be eating something fun and filling.

Kids especially love these because it’s the perfect hand food filled with chicken and there’s a dip involved. Bingo!

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Low Fat Chicken Broccoli Stir Fry Recipe | @bestrecipebox

Eating healthy chicken recipes doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor. We focus on developing satisfying chicken recipes that are low fat and healthy but still with great taste. This chicken and broccoli stir fry recipe has all those elements and it’s versatility is up to your imagination too.

Loaded with fresh broccoli, healthy boneless skinless chicken breast, fresh garlic, ginger and a touch of hot sauce, this chicken stir fry recipe is quick and easy for those weeknights where you need a quick and healthy dinner. You can eat it alone for a low carb chicken dinner, or add it to brown rice and whole grains such as quinoa, couscous and other favorite grains for a more substantial meal. Another option for this easy chicken breast recipe is to add it to some light stock for a chicken and broccoli soup. You can even make healthy chicken tacos or burrito wrap for a light and low carb dinner. Be creative and hopefully this chicken breast recipe will give you a starting point for endless options!

Cooking tool note! Since we’ve been cooking on ceramic pans (which are awesome!), we’ve been able to cook with less oil and our healthy dishes just get healthier. You can read about our love of ceramic pans here on this blog post.

Vegetables cooked on ceramic pans just got healthier without trying! Less oil, but still great flavor and texture. These are the Green Pan ceramic pans.

Cooking fish, vegetables and eggs are fantastic on ceramic Green Pans because less oil is needed and these pans are so much easier to clean.

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