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Slow Cooker & Crock Pot Recipes

Enjoy these great slow cooker recipes for anytime of year. They’re quick, easy and alway a great go-to meal. So many of these are viral sensations and reader favorites. These no-fuss dishes allow you to walk away from the crock pot for a few hours and come back home to a house filled with wonderful aromas of dinner.

Chicken breast or Chicken thighs?

This is always the question: Which cut of chicken to use? And it’s a great question. Our answer is always to use the cut of chicken you’re like most. Just make sure that the chicken is skinless and boneless.

  • Chicken breast: if you’re using boneless skinless chicken breast, make sure it’s not the huge breast with rib meat attached. Just one piece of this is gigantic, thick and will take longer to cook. We suggest separating the rib meat tenderloin from the breast, then cutting the thick breast in half. This will help if you’re wanting the crock pot to cook the bbq chicken on high within about 4 hours.
  • Brown meat chicken thighs: this is still our favorite cut because it’s more flavorful. But with all the sauce, even the breast meat will be moist when saturated with the sauce.