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Delicious Microwave Recipes

The microwave is great for reheating foods but did you know it’s also great to cook fresh food from scratch? Yes, quick and easy healthy dishes to more hearty meals are great to cook in the microwave. We’re always testing new recipes for the microwave so keep checking back. Enjoy what we already have here for you!

All microwaves cook differently even if they are of the same size and wattage. You might need to adjust your cooking time. After you cooked your first batch, you’ll know what time is best for your specific microwave and personal taste. 

Refer to Your Microwave Manual for Safety & Cooking Guidelines

General microwave cooking time notes:

  • 600-800w – Lower Wattage Microwaves: More time often needed
  • 900-1100w – Average Wattage Microwaves
  • 1200-1300w – High Wattage Microwaves: Less time often needed

Microwave Safe Containers & Lids

  • Microwave safe glass (particularly borosilicate glass) & ceramic containers are the recommended choice. *Do not use cracked or otherwise damaged containers.
  • Microwave safe plastic containers are considered safe by the FDA
  • Never use plastics (containers, bags, wrap, etc.) that is not labeled microwave safe. Never use styrofoam, metal, or aluminum foil.
  • Lids – microwave safe glass, ceramic or silicone is best. A microwave safe plate works great as a lid. Parchment paper, wax paper, or paper towels work fine, but may not hold the steam in as much (many recipes benefits from the steam retention). Microwave safe plastic lids are considered acceptable. Usually we prefer to use a lid from glass, ceramic, or silicone and just use the microwave safe plastic lids that come with the containers for storing.