Recipes for watermelon in salads and cocktails step by step

Best Watermelon Recipes

We love watermelon! It’s one of our favorite fruits to devour in Summer. It’s refreshing, light, healthy and loved by everyone. There’s different ways to eat this beloved Summer fruit. So we’ve created some awesome recipes for ya to enjoy.

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How To Cut Watermelon? Here’s how. 

How to Cut Watermelon into Stick for Easy Eating Watermelon Salads on a cutting board

Our Watermelon Feta Salad is so refreshing!

Refreshing Healthy Watermelon Salad Recipe in a bowl

Red White and Blue Patriotic Watermelon Salad for July 4th

Fourth of July Red White and blue Watermelon Fruit Salad Recipe on a plate

Inside-a-Watermelon Margaritas are Fun and Delicious! 

Inside-A-Watermelon Margarita Recipe pouring in a glass

Best Watermelon Recipes for Summer step by step

Here’s a cool watermelon rind pickles recipe we found on the internet.