We love breakfast! But what’s even better are breakfast bakes that can be made ahead of time. We have some super simple and easy breakfast casseroles. From savory to sweet, there’s something for everyone. These are perfect for busy mornings, holiday weekends or Christmas morning.

Why we love breakfast casseroles and bakes

They’re just so easy to assemble and to feed a crowd. Best of all, these are no fuss that can be prepared the night ahead. When you wake up in the morning, just take the bakes or casseroles out to warm up for about an hour. Then pop them in the pre-heated oven to cook. Within about 45 minutes or an hour, you have a warm comforting breakfast to feed your family.

Shredded hash brown casserole bake

spoon with shredded hash brown breakfast bake

This popular morning-after hash brown bake is always a family favorite. It uses shredded hash browns and what ever type of breakfast meat that you like. This morning casserole is comforting, filling and always loved by everyone young and old. Here’s the shredded hash brown casserole bake recipe.

Hash Brown Patty Bake is so delicious!

hash brown patty breakfast bake

If you prefer the flat, crispy patty version of hash browns then this casserole is for you! It’s crispy, savory and fantastic. It’ll definitely a beloved family tradition to serve this for breakfast anytime of year. Here’s the recipe for this crispy hash brown patty breakfast casserole. This easy breakfast casserole will definitely be a five star! There’s different types of hash browns you can try for this recipe.

Tater Tot Breakfast Casserole Bake

skillet tater tot breakfast casserole

Kids love tater tots and so do we! Here’s another option for a great morning breakfast meal that the whole family will devour. It’s hard to not love tater tots in any form. But this breakfast version with sausage is so good, you might want to make a double batch. Here’s the recipe for tater tot breakfast bake.

Leftover Corn bread Breakfast Bake

cornbread breakfast bake

Ok, this corn bread breakfast casserole recipe is a run-away hit! We had some leftover cornbread and make this bake out of it. The results are a smashing success. Our readers love it too and you can tell by the comments that there’s so many different versions you can make for it. It’s so good, you will want to bake some cornbread just for this recipe. It’s one of the best breakfast bakes ever. Here’s the corn bread bake recipe.

Thanksgiving Stuffing Leftovers Breakfast Casserole

leftover stuffing breakfast bake

This is perfect for all your leftover stuffing after the big Thanksgiving meal. It’s another way to enjoy all the leftovers for breakfast. But it tastes like a totally different meal and you’ll love this different version of stuffing. Here’s the Thanksgiving stuffing leftovers breakfast casserole recipe.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Cottage Pie Bake

blue pan cottage pie with thanksgiving leftovers

Here’s another morning bake to enjoy with all your Holiday leftovers. Filled with leftover turkey, veggies, gravy and mashed potatoes this cottage pie casserole can be a go-to every year for your family. It’s another great way to enjoy something in the morning that can serve the whole family. Here’s the leftovers cottage pie recipe.

No-Fuss Easy Quiche Lorraine Bake

quiche cut out from pan

This quiche might look and sound fancy, but it’s so easy to make. It’s even great and easy by making it the night ahead. It’s commonly eaten cold too but if you want to warm it up, it’s easy. When the morning arrives, just take it out of the fridge and let it come to room temperature for a bit. Warm it in the oven for about 20 minutes. Here’s the easy quiche recipe.

Chocolate Bread Pudding Bake

chocolate bread pudding in dish

This sweet and wonderful chocolate bread pudding recipe is wonderful for breakfast or brunch. It’s perfect with morning milk or coffee. If you’re going to make this, use soft and tender brioche bread for best results.

Pumpkin Bread Pudding : Best breakfast bakes

baking dish of pumpkin bread pudding

Love the flavors of pumpkin spice? If so, this wonderful Fall inspired pumpkin bread pudding breakfast bake is for you. The wonderful scents fill the house and you know the Holidays have arrived!

Here’s more easy recipes: