Here’s our collection of Best Brussels Sprouts Recipes! There’s so many reader favorites on this list.

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Best Brussels Sprouts Recipes like Roasted Brussels Sprouts on baking sheet pan

No, not all brussels sprouts suck. We get plenty of funny and odd comments from folks declaring their hate for brussels sprouts. Yeah, we get it. Your childhood memories of boiled and mushy brussels sprouts bring back horrific nightmares and yes, those are totally valid. We think boiled, mushy and stinky brussels sprouts suck too. BUT, there’s so many better ways to enjoy brussels sprouts that won’t leave you squirming at the holiday table.

We’ve worked on perfecting these brussels sprouts recipes for all types of haters to become lovers. Give them a try and if they convert you, then let us know. And if none of these recipes for brussels sprouts tasted delicious for you after you’ve made them all, then we’ll keep trying harder in the kitchen to come up with something that will make you swoon rather than frown. Click here to see all our Brussels Sprouts Recipes. 

Here’s our Amazing—> Brussels Sprouts Gratin Recipe
Cheesy Brussels Sprouts Gratin Casserole Recipe on cast iron skillet


Give these best brussels sprouts recipes a try for your next gathering or holiday feast. Let us know which ones are your favorites because we definitely want to know! There’s so many options and so little time. Hopefully you”ll be able to make brussels sprouts haters into brussels sprouts lovers. There’s so many recipe options here for different types of eaters, so there’s definitely something for everyone! Enjoy!