Have you ever had Vietnamese Iced Coffee? If not, you’re in for a real treat especially if you love sweet strong coffee drinks! This is a traditional drink that has gained so much popularity and it’s now being offered at many craft coffee houses. Hope you enjoy our Vietnamese coffee recipe!

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe in a glass

Easy Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe

So what exactly is Vietnamese iced coffee and how it it different from tradition Western versions of iced coffee? Vietnamese iced coffee or cà phê sua da or cafe da in the Vietnamese language is a classic and popular coffee drink. Traditionally it was made in a little metal Vietnamese coffee drip filter placed on top of a glass. Inside the dripper are strong  or dark roast coffee grounds. Sweetened condensed milk is added to the bottom of the glass and that’s what gives the coffee it’s strong sweetness. This is what makes it so unique because the use of sweetened condensed milk.

How to Make Vietnamese Iced Coffee?

  • Hot water is then placed on top of the grounds in the dripper and the the coffee slowly drips into the glass with the condensed milk.
  • When the coffee is completely dripped from the grounds into the glass, ice is then added.
  • Give the drink a good stir and what you have is a delicious sweet and strong coffee drinks.
  • If it’s too strong or sweet for you, than make adjustments for your next batch. The best part about this coffee is that you can customize your sweetness level and coffee intensity.
Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe Cafe Sua Da Recipe | @bestrecipebox
Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe Cafe Sua Da Recipe step by step

Vietnamese Coffee with Espresso

There’s different ways too make it without the traditional dip and with espresso on hand, it’s easy to make a great cup of Vietnamese iced coffee. Many coffee houses outside of Vietnam are serving up this speciality drink to many happy coffee drinkers who love this sweet and potent beverage. So although you’ll find this delicious Vietnamese iced coffee in Vietnamese restaurants, cafes and Non-Vietnamese establishments, it’s super easy to make. Best of all, you can adjust the concentration of sweet and coffee strength to your personal taste.

Tools for Making Vietnamese Iced Coffee:

We tend to be a bit obsessive over coffee. Here’s some of our favorites for traditional Vietnamese Iced Coffee:

Single Cup Vietnamese Coffee Maker – Love the solid construction of this filter.  Screw down internal filter. Heavier duty stainless steel than most filters.
Vietnamese Coffee Filter (multiple size options) – Another good filter. Screw down internal filter. Multiple sizes available.
Fellow Pour Over Kettle – Stylish pour over kettle. Three color options, Matte Black, Copper, and Polished Stainless. Built in thermometer. Love this kettle!
Cafe du Monde Coffee – You’ll often see Vietnamese banh mi and coffee shops everywhere making their coffee with Cafe du Monde.
Trung Nguyen Premium Coffee – Another popular coffee for shops to use. Ground specifically for Vietnamese coffee filters. Quite and enjoyable cup.  
Copper Cow Coffee Single-Use Portable Vietnamese Coffee Kit – An all in one kit for Vietnamese Coffee. Filter, Coffee, Sweetened Condensed milk. Awesome for on the go.
Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe @bestrecipebox

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Find a good coffee and adjust the grind as needed for your filter. Adjust the amount of sweetened condensed milk to your preferred sweetness. Often times we’ll mix the sweetened condensed milk with some half and half to reduce it’s sweetness.
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  • Pour the sweetened condensed milk into an 8-10 oz. glass.
    Pouring sweetened condensed milk into a glass
  • Remove the top screen from the coffee filter. Put the ground coffee in the filter, screw screen back on, compacting the grounds. Place filter on the glass with the sweetened condensed milk. Pour just enough hot water to cover the grounds and let sit for 30 sec.
    Pouring hot water into coffee filter
  • Loosen the filter screen screw at least 2 full rotations. Pour hot water to top of filter, cover and let sit until water has gone all the way through filter (should be @ 5 min. at a rate of 3-4 drips/sec. If it is faster, coffee's grind is too coarse. If slower, coffee's grind is too fine.)
    Coffee steeping over glass of sweetened condensed milk
  • When water has passed though filter, remove filter from glass. Stir coffee and sweetened condensed milk together. Add ice and enjoy.
    Stirring together the coffee and sweetened condensed milk


Note 1: For a slightly less sweet version, combine the sweetened condensed milk with half and half before adding it to the cup. Usually we’ll mix about 1/2 sweetened condensed milk – 1/2 half and half.
Note 2: For a hot version, just omit the ice at the end of the recipe. In Vietnam the hot version will often be served in a cup of hot water to help keep it warm longer.
Note 3: For a quick version, replace the Vietnamese style brewed coffee with a 2 ounce shot of espresso.


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Nutrition Information per Serving

Calories: 128kcal, Carbohydrates: 21g, Protein: 3g, Fat: 3g, Saturated Fat: 2g, Cholesterol: 13mg, Sodium: 50mg, Potassium: 148mg, Sugar: 21g, Vitamin A: 105IU, Vitamin C: 1.1mg, Calcium: 114mg

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