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air fryer ecookbooks step by step

As you can tell, we’re pretty obsessed with air frying! We’re thrilled to offer our eCookbooks for pre-order and they’re on sale! We have proof that air frying isn’t about cooking frozen convenience foods. Buy the book, cook the recipes, eat the delicious food!  

We honestly didn’t think we’d love air frying as much as we do. It it perfect for quick & easy meals, minimal kitchen clean up, and creates such a great texture when cooking. We wish we could cook you all a meal or two to show you how awesome it is, but obviously that isn’t practical. So we did the next best thing we could think of, create a couple awesome cookbooks to help you cook great stuff in the air fryer. We’ve poured a ton of love into these books and hope you love them as much as we do.

The release date is just around the corner on May 1, 2019. Pre-sale prices will only be here for one more day.

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What are the Best Air Fryers?

There’s so many on the market now. You just need to research and find the ones that fits your needs, capacity and style. We group the basket style air fryers into 2 main size groups: 3-4 qt. range & the 5-6 qt. range.  Here’s our favorites:

Cosori 3.7 qt. Digital Air Fryer – “That’s a stylish Air Fryer” was said as we unboxed the Cosori. Beyond being stylish, it has cooked great. The basket is not as tall and wider than most in its size group, which is perfect. You’ll have a lot better results in an air fryer with single layered, spread out foods, then with ones piled high and thick.
The non-stick basket style (non-wire base) & smoothness of the basket tray is also great for clean up.
Tidylife 4-2qt Air Fryer
Tidylife 4.2 qt. Digital Air Fryer – We have been super pleased with the TidyLife Air Fryer. Texture for several dishes came out noticeably better than many other brands. This one tends to cook a little hotter and quicker.
The non-stick basket style (non-wire base) & smoothness of the basket tray is great for cleaning up.

Good Larger Air Fryers

Tiluxury Air Fryer 5.8 qtTiluxury 5.8 qt. Digital Air Fryer – It’s a good larger air fryer capable of cooking for larger families, especially when you need to cook more food. It’s great for cooking bigger batches (ie 4 salmon fillets instead of 2 or 2 lbs of fries instead of 1).
We like that this Tiluxury 5.8 qt has the non-stick basket (non-wire base). Makes for less sticking for delicate meals (ie baked fish fillets).  And we like the digital interface (easier cleaning).

GoWise 5.8 qt. Digital Air Fryer – Another good larger air fryer. All the things we loved about the Tiluxury 5.8 qt, we love about this one too. Great size for families. Non-stick basket. Has a nice cooking range (180°F-400°F).
We’re super pleased with both this one and the Tiluxury. Choosing between the two is mostly up to which you like the look better.