Learn how to cut an avocado that’s safe. We have some easy tips for cutting an avocado without injury. You want to enjoy eating your avocados without doing harm to your hand! How to Cut Avocado without Avocado Hand Injuries step by step

How to Cut Avocado

Have you heard the latest statistics? “Avocado hand” injuries are on the rise all because people are loving avocados way too much but don’t know how to safely cut it. It’s no joke, it’s totally real folks and a safety hazard if you cut improperly. People have had to go to the emergency room because they cut their hand so badly. When the blade of the knife slides off the avocado seed, tragedy happens! The bad slips and cuts the hand, often times very deeply.  There’s a solution to this. We’ve had this technique for years in our kitchen to make sure everyone cuts safely. It seems easy on how to cut an avocado, but there’s a safer and better way so you can enjoy your meals!

Watch how we cut our avocado:

Tips for Cutting Avocados

The secret is cutting the avocado in quarters, basically two lengthwise cuts on the avocado. And all you need to do is to separate the 4 pieces of avocado. The seed automatically comes right out without having to dig your knife blade into the seed. Voila! It’s safe, easy and definitely much safer than most techniques. Now you’re well on your way to enjoying avocado recipes safely. Pass this simple technique to everyone you know because you can save someone the trauma of serious hand wounds!

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