How to Truss Chicken

Why would you want to learn how to truss chicken? When applying this classic technique, you’re tying it with kitchen string to keep it compact and tight. This technique holds the chicken parts compact together, keeping the tips from drying out and ensuring a juicier breast.  The chicken cooks more evenly and the presentation is simply prettier too.

Trussing particularly helpful when roasting whole chickens in the oven and you’ll get an more even browning over the whole bird. For slow cooker roasted whole chicken, you don’t really need to do this because the slow cooker pretty much holds the chicken to a nice even shape, however if you like the chicken nice and plump shaped, it helps to truss it then too. There are several ways to to this and this particular method is our favorite. Simple and quick, after getting the hang of it, one can easily tie up the chicken in about 30 seconds. It is an easy kitchen skill, fun to do, and your chicken will be tastier and better looking.

Have you tried this before? If so, leave your comments in the comment section below and share your technique. Everyone does this differently. Also, share your results with us. Is it worth the time to do this? Did you chicken come out juicer and less dry?

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