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Air Frying Easy Recipes

The art of air fried foods is sweeping the nation and everyone is enjoying easy ways to make wholesome food delicious! We have so many ideas for you to cook and devour. It’s not just about re-heating leftovers or cooking frozen foods. Our recipes have those simple ones too, but we also have plenty that start with fresh ingredients. From fresh veggies to meats and seafood, there’s something for everyone. Hope you enjoy air frying as much as we do! All our delicious recipes are in the link below.

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All these recipes have been tested on different air fryers. But they all cook a little differently, some cook hotter than others and some cook quicker. So the times we give are approximate. Check your food after the lowest cooking time and make adjustments from there based on your model. You might need to cook a little longer. Or if it came out a little crispier, you just need to cook it a little less the next time.

Air Fryer French fries, corn dogs and more types of air fried foods

Best Air Frying Recipes

If you’re new to air frying, don’t be afraid! We created a website dedicated to cooking with this appliance at On our new website, we share a ton of easy and best air frying recipes. We also have lots of recipes that you cook from scratch, with fresh wholesome ingredients. There’s also tons of tips to help you get started as well as review to help you understand all your options.  Here’s more cool ideas with air fryers.