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AIr Fryer Easy Meals

Chicken & Seafood

Beef & Pork

Veggies & Eggs


Air Fryer Low Carb

Chicken & Seafood

Beef & Pork

Veggies & Eggs


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EASY MEALS: Feed your family fresh, easy and wholesome meals from the Air fryer! With over 20 fantastic recipes from scratch, this cookbook is filled with delicious homemade meals for everyday eating.

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LOW CARB: These simple and satisfying recipes fit many different low carb lifestyles. Whether you're looking to eat less carbs or very little carbs, these 20+ delicious recipes have keto-friendly options too.


BUNDLE THE TWO: Save by buying both ecookbooks - Easy Meals & Low Carb for one low price. Start cooking today and you'll be cooking, eating and living the Air fryer lifestyle!

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What is Air Frying? Eat Healthier!

Air frying isn’t just about re-heating frozen foods or eating fried foods. We’ve made air fryer cooking fresh and easy! The hot circulating air makes these small convention-style ovens perfect for enjoying food that’s light and crunchy that’s healthier and less greasy. You can use mush less oil and still enjoy textures like roasted, grilled and crispy “air fried” foods. 

Why Air Frying? It is Great for everyday.

Healthier – Use less to no oil and still get great crispy textures.

Fast – Little to no pre-heating. The small space concentrated the cooking, helping foods cook quicker. Plus you don’t heat up your house. 

Clean-up is Awesome! – No splattered mess to clean up. Everything is perfectly contained in the air fryer. Clean the basket and you are done!

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Air Fryer Steak Bites
"I have made this 3 times now and it is so good! My kids love it and even ask for more. We live in the North so making this is as close to grilling as we can get in the winter! Thank you!"
Air Fryer Fries & Wings
"Amazing results! Just got our Air Fryer this week. Did wings last night and fries today. I already like this appliance more than I thought I would, brussels sprouts are next to try! I’m making your website a ‘favorite’!"
Air Fryer Chicken Parmesan "Thanks for introducing lots of innovative and creative ways to use the air fryer! I just tried this recipe out and it was amazing! The kids loved it!"