Brown Rice Recipes

Healthy Fried Brown Rice Recipe with Tons of Veggies | @bestrecipebox

We love our fried rice, especially a vegetable fried rice that’s healthier because we can eat more and not feel so guilty! Our healthy fried rice recipe is loaded with broccoli and other vegetables. To make it even healthier, we’ve created this recipe using brown rice. Nutritionally, brown rice has more vitamins and nutrients than white rice so making a fried rice recipe with brown rice is just as easy and delicious.

You can use any type of brown rice or you can even use wild rice if you like. Just make sure to use day old rice because it gives a better fried rice texture. Fresh rice is usually soft and more tender, which often can make a mushy fried rice. So the more firm and cold cooked rice you have, the better the fried rice will become.

Watch the Video for the Fried Brown Rice w/ Broccoli & Vegetables:

As far as vegetables, you can use what ever you like. We added broccoli but you can even add more broccoli if you like. What ever you decide to add, just make sure to add plenty of vegetables because that’s what makes this brown fried rice recipe super delicious. Everyone loves a big bowl so it’s even healthier to have it loaded with as many vegetables as you can serve up.

Healthy Fried Brown Rice Recipe with Tons of Veggies | @bestrecipebox

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