How To Smoke Chicken Recipe in Smoker BBQ Grill | @bestrecipebox


Course: Main Course
Cuisine: BBQ-Grilling
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 3 hours 50 minutes
Total Time: 4 hours
Servings: 4 servings
Calories: 488 kcal
See post for more recipe details. We definitely prefer to use lump charcoal instead of briquettes. Lump charcoal alone will provide a nice smokey flavor, however briquettes, even competition smoking briquettes seem a little flat on the smoke flavor. If using briquettes we highly recommend to also use smoking wood chips. Either harvest your own from fruit or other good smoking wood (ie. apple or stone fruit trimmings, hickory, pecan wood) or buy smoking chips.


  • 4 lb. whole Chicken
  • Kosher Salt or Sea Salt
  • Black Pepper , fresh cracked if possible

Additional Tools


  1. Rinse chicken and place in a large bowl. Cover with a brine (salted water - the water should have the approximate saltiness of sea water). Place in fridge for at least a couple hours or overnight.
  2. Remove chicken from brine and pat dry. Season the chicken with salt and pepper. Truss if desired (click here for trussing instructions).
  3. Light charcoal. If using a side smoker box, place the lit charcoal next to the side vent door (furthest from the grill), then stack the unlit charcoal going towards the grill (not on top of the already lit charcoal). Allow the smoker temperature to get between 275°F-300°F.
  4. Place the chicken in the smoker and close door.
  5. While smoking occasionally adjust the vents to keep the cooking temperature between 275°F-300°F (less air to cool the temperature, more to increase the heat). If using briquettes *see head note, two or three times during the smoking, add a handful of wood cuttings or chips on top of the lit charcoal. (Don't do this too much or else the meat will be overly smoky. Once every hour - hour and half is usually perfect).
  6. Cook until the thickest part of the breast meat measures around 160-170°F, usually about 3 1/2 hours but will vary greatly depending on your temperatures and the size of the chicken.
  7. After the chicken is cooked, remove from the smoker and allow to rest for 20 minutes. After rested, carve and serve.

Recipe Notes

The chicken goes great with a good barbecue sauce too. Here's a link for a homemade barbecue sauce (click on link for recipe). And don't forget to save the bones to make an amazing stock. Just follow the same directions as for the basic chicken stock (click on link for recipe).