Halloween Mummy Hot Dogs

Total Time: 1 hour
Servings: 8 Mummies

The mummy "bandages" are easier to cut from crescent dough sheets, not the classic triangles. If you can't find the sheets, or just have the regular crescents, it will still work fine. Just cut the triangles into as long of strips as you can and piece the mummy together.

Our favorite way to make the mummies is with the cheese filled hot dogs or sausages, like Johnsonville's Beddar with Cheddar brats. It is all up to you and your favorites.



  • one 8 ounce (226g) package crescent dough sheets, see headnote
  • 8 hot dogs
  • egg , for egg wash
  • 2 tablespoons water , for egg wash
  • mustard
  • ketchup or hot sauce


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 375°F. Line a baking sheet pan with parchment paper.
  2. Unroll the crescent dough. Cut into 3/8"-1/2" wide strips.
  3. Pat the hot dogs dry (helps keep the dough from slipping around while rolling). Wrap a couple pieces of dough around each hot dog to look like bandages. Criss-cross them occasionally and make sure to leave a separation of the bandages on one end for the face. Stretch the dough if needed. Place face-side up on the lined sheet pan. Repeat for the remaining dough and hot dogs.
  4. Whisk together the egg and water. Brush with bandages with the egg wash.
  5. Bake for about 15 minutes or until the dough is golden. Dot the face with mustard and ketchup (or hot sauce) for the eyes and any other desired facial features. Enjoy!