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Super Easy and Creamy Chocolate Mousse Recipe | @bestrecipebox

A super easy dessert recipe really should be easy and made of chocolate. That’s why our super easy chocolate mousse recipe is perfect for any gathering, holiday or Valentines day that you want to serve chocolate dessert! Our last Christmas peppermint mousse recipe was a hit so here’s another version without the Christmas spirit in it.

Really guys, it doesn’t get easier than this and best of all,  chocolate mousse doesn’t get easier than this. We had to test it several times to make sure it works and had to taste it more than several times to make sure it tasted as good as it looked. So there’s no reason to not make this when you’re looking for a fantastic chocolate dessert recipe.

Easy Creamy  Chocolate Mousse Video!

The key to making this recipe successful is to make sure to not overheat the chocolate morsels too much. Microwave them just enough so that the chocolate chips melt and if they’re too hot, just allow it to cool before adding the whipped topping. You won’t want to have heated chocolate melting down the whipped topping too much. And secondly, you’ve gotta be patient and let the mousse chill completely. It’s so tempting to want to dive into this amazing chocolate mousse before it’s chilled. It will still taste good, but it will be as soft and won’t have that wonderful creamy texture.

Super Easy and Creamy Chocolate Mousse Recipe | @bestrecipebox

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