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Easy Garlic Knots

Easy Garlic Knot Recipe for Game Day or Party Day! | @bestrecipebox

What’s not to love about garlic knots? Every time we served these easy garlic knots there is rarely any left over. Soft, tender and full of garlic butter flavor, these garlic knots are dangerously delicious. They’re like a whole food group in themselves because they literally can be a full meal! If you pop one in your mouth, we guarantee that you might be eating 4-5 more because they’re that addicting and amazing. You’ll want to lick your fingers clean of all the fabulous garlic butter flavor.

Watch the video making the easy garlic knots:

What makes this recipe for garlic knots so easy is that we’ve used crescent dough. The results are fantastic because the dough bakes up to a perfect little crisp and they soak up the garlic parsley butter perfectly! This dough is so perfect to use to whip up a batch of these garlic knots and before you know it, you have a platter of goodness to accompany a dinner. Or you can even serve the as an appetizer because they’re loaded with flavor and texture.
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