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Super Easy Fudge Recipe | @whiteonrice

An easy fudge recipe should truly be simple but it must also be creamy and delicious. Our super easy fudge really hits the nail on the head for a great batch that everyone will love. It’s creamy and loaded with chocolate flavor even without the dried fruit and nuts. So if you’re a fan of chocolate fudge without all the fuss, then this recipe can easily be made without the nuts the fruits. If you love just simple, rich flavored chocolate fudge, then you’ve just simplified this easy recipe even more.

It’s so easy! Watch the video to see:

We really enjoyed this fudge with the dried fruit and nuts. Toasting the nuts really brings out a great flavor and aroma to the fudge. The bright flavors of the dried fruit and their chewy bite add another great dimension to this chocolatey fudge. Each bite had so many wonderful flavors and textures that it was really hard to just eat one.

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