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Million Dollar Pasta Bake Recipe with Cheesy Meat Sauce | @bestrecipebox

We’ve been on a pasta-kick lately in the test kitchen, especially when pasta dishes are great to feed a crowd. The popular million dollar spaghetti has been on our minds but with tons of other pasta like penne, rotini and macaroni in the kitchen we decide to make million dollar pasta bake! The million dollar spaghetti recipe will definitely be on our next agenda, but for now we went ahead and devoured this penne version and we’re super glad we did.

Million Dollar Pasta Bake Recipe with Cheesy Meat Sauce | @bestrecipebox

Our million dollar pasta bake is essentially a kick-butt pasta dish with what ever recipe. So it’s quite versatile to make any pasta lover happy. What makes this such a superb pasta casserole recipe is that it’s loaded with sauce, cheese and cottage cheese! It’s essentially like a lasagna but without ricotta and instead, uses cottage cheese for the creamy layered centers. So this recipe for million dollar pasta is a fantastic and satisfying dish for lasagna lovers.

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