New Best Recipe Box

Hello Friends!

You may have noticed some few new changes over here and please don’t be alarmed!

Chicken Recipe Box still exists and we’ll still be providing consistent chicken recipes that are easy and delicious. You’ll still see the same great chicken recipes on the website.

But many of our readers were requesting the same simple style recipes that go beyond chicken and we figured it was a great idea. Why? Because we can now provide wonderful seasonal ingredients and recipes in all categories of meat, vegetables, breads and desserts. And also, it provides us an opportunity to not eat chicken all the time and sneak in a nice piece of salmon. :) and cookies! :)

So the website is now re-named to Best Recipe Box.

What will you see on Best Recipe Box?

  • Plenty of same quality chicken recipes you’re used to expecting.
  • Plenty of quick and easy recipes for all other types of proteins.
  • Fresh and healthy vegetable recipes
  • Wonderful Holiday recipes
  • Desserts, desserts and more desserts
  • Recipe videos for easy cooking techniques and “how to” tutorials
  • Giveaways of our favorite products
  • Submit your recipe to be shared on Best Recipe Box or within our community

Hope you’ll continue to subscribe to your recipe updates and exciting new projects at Best Recipe Box!

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Thank you,

Best Recipe Box Team